Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Mike Glita (Knights In Paris / Senses Fail) Interview!

It's Here!
An interview with Mike Glita (Senses Fail) on his newly formed side project Knights In Paris.

For those who don't know Mike, he is the bassman for the New Jersey 5 piece, Senses Fail. He has recently started a electronica based side project called Knights In Paris and I asked him to do an interview for Coreatorium. He thankfully agreed to do the interview and here it is!!!

This interview is a big step for Coreatorium, so I hope you all enjoy it! And hopefully we will be bringing you more interviews with international artists.



What and who is Knights In Paris?

Knights In Paris is a side project that I decided to start. It's me (Mike) and my friend Nick who plays in a band called Vampire For Hire.

How did you come about Knights In Paris and where didthe name come from?

I was writing songs of my own for a while. Songs that I felt weren't something Senses Fail could pull off, and also wanted to try something different. So finally about almost 10 months ago I decided to turn them into something. I knew the direction wanted to head in, but kind of wanted someone else to do it with. Another "piece to the puzzle." I actually came up with the name searching through my massive cd collection. I wish it was something I totallybrain stormed up myself, but when I saw the name I knew it was just right.

The sampler track on your Myspace page shows adifferent direction from Senses Fail, what can SensesFail fans and others expect from this new sound, willSF fans like KIP?

I can't say ANYONE will like it. You can't expect everyone to love what you do. It definitely doesn't sound anything like Senses Fail. The only similarities would be that there are pop hooks, cause that's what i love. The sample can be a little decieving, but not too far off. It's a beat that was in the works. A simple loop. It kind of shows the kind of programming that will be encorporated in our music. There are rock, dance, electronica, indie, and pop elements in our music. I think it's pretty diverse.

When can we expect the first demos and recordings for KIP?

Well I keep saying soon, but I mean it. I think we should be able to post one within the next couple of weeks. Some are already recorded and hopefully willbe mastered soon.

Are there any plans for a Knight In Paris EP or album?

We would like to release an LP instead of an EP if possible. I'd rather have a bunch of songs for people to check out than a couple, but I guess time will only tell. If all we can do is an EP at first, that's what we'll do.

Has KIP done any live shows yet? Will they sweep theshores of Australia?

No live shows yet. We're kind of hoping to have an album/EP out before we do some shows. But if we can make it out on tour, we'd love to play anywhere and everywhere.

A lot of readers wanna hear about Senses Fail, when will you be back in Australia with Senses Fail?

That's a question I can't really answer at the moment. We're supposed to go back into the studio and record another album after this fall headlining tour.

Still Searching’s release has attracted a lot ofmainstream attention and success. What can we expectfrom the next record?

Another good question. Considering we haven't written anything yet, that waits to be seen.

It says on the KIP Myspace page that you play bass, drums, guitar and sing as well! You are quite the talented musician, how long have you been playing music and your instruments? And what gear do you use in both Knights In Paris and Senses Fail?

I've been playing instruments since the 3rd grade. Started with Trumpet. Then I moved on to guitar when I was 14. Then took up drums when I was 15. I always messed around with bass as well. I played in bands as a drummer for quite some time, and I also played guitar in one band as well before Senses Fail. In Knights In Paris I use an Orange AC-30 guitar head and 2 4x12 Orange Cabs. Also still use Ampeq bass amps (same as Senses Fail). I use an STV-Classic headthrough an 8x10 cab and a sans amp. Seymour Duncan quarter pound pick ups. I also use Fender Guitars. In KIP I use Jazzmasters, and for bass just standard P-Basses. And on drums I use a lovely Spaun Drum Kit. They make some sweet drums.

What are the bands plans for the future? Any newmembers or will it remain the two of you?

It's just gonna be us 2. We will bring other musicians on tour if we play shows. For now our plans are just to start releasing some music.

How do you psyche yourself up before you go on stage to play in front of hundreds of Senses Fail fans?

Honestly, I just stretch and kinda put my head in a different place. I can't really explain where I go mentally haha. It's like being a sports player.

If you were locked in an empty room with no food, with Buddy, Garrett, Dan, Heath and Nick who would you eat first?


What’s in your iPod/CD Player/assorted musicallistening device at the moment?

Recently the new Jimmy Eat World album Chase This Light. Also Tegan and Sara's new record.

Do you have any tips for bands new to the musicindustry?

Do as much as you can yourself. In this day and age people have a lot more opportunities to do everything on your own.

How do you manage to find any time for KIP with the extensive touring with Senses Fail?

I just use whatever spare time I have. Whenever a thought comes to my mind I try to record it or jot it down on paper. Nick also will send me any ideas he comes up with while i'm out on the road.

Any last words?

Thanks for everyone who has checked us out so far. We're working hard to get some tunes out to you guys really soon!

Thanks again dude.


In Fiction Interview!

Coreatorium recently caught up with up with one of Australia's most promising rock acts 'In Fiction'.

First of all who am I talking to and what part do you play in the band?
You are speaking with Josh, i play guitar for In Fiction.. well i try to.

You guys are on one of the hottest labels in Australian at the moment (Boomtown) tell us what the atmosphere is like there?
Boomtown has been really good to us. Its awesome to have some great people behind us. and the other bands on the label have been really awesome too, we've made some great friends.

The Boomtown Showdown tour is about to go ahead, are you guys pumped for this or what.
Hell Yeh! I been amped for this tour since last years! we were co-opening last years tour and this year being main support is a step up and being on the road with rad friends is a true blessing.

Recently you guys released a Japanese album with two unreleased tracks here in Australia. Any chance that these songs will ever be released here?
Im not sure to be honest, i guess Australians might have to fly to japan to get the 2 unreleased songs. haha

Im a big fan of the song 'Calander notes' any chance on this being rereleased on the album.
haha sounds like you know something? Its definitely on the cards.

Whats your favourite song to play live?
oh, it changes all the time.. When The Cameras Off, is definitely a favourite because their are lots of vocal parts in it, but as far as raging goes, i would probably say Silhouette.

Who's the next big thing in Australian music?
Depends what you mean by next big 'thing'.. i think there are some really awesome up and coming bands in Australia and in recent times, its been awesome to see melodic rock come back and arguably take over 'hardcore', i couldn't tell you what the next big thing is but maybe it'll include neck beads, trucker caps and badges. haha

Really appreciate this, for doing this for the site, have a great time on the tour, ill be sure to check it out.
Thanks very much. see you at Boomtown Showdown in November (dont forget that Moustache!!)

Friday, October 19, 2007


It's finally here!!!!

Soundwave Festival 2008 international lineup has been announced!
check out hte poster above for all the bands and details on the event.

2007 was awesome, 2008 twice as awesome.
cant wait to see AILD, Jumpsuit, Coheed, Haste The Day, SKSK and Mr Kevine Devine. and of course Social Distortion and The Offspring!!

this is an event for all music lovers!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Shuns The Light post new track

Recenlty STL posted a new demo titled 'The Astral Plain Part 2'.
Head over to there myspace to check it out.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Knights In Paris Interview Coming Soon

Coreatorium presents an interview with American indie/electroncia band Knights In Paris! KIP is a side project of bass man Mike Glita, of New Jersey screamo/post-hardcore band Senses Fail, and Nick "Danger" Goncalves, from Vampire for Hire. The interview will be with Mike Glita so if you have anything to ask him please give me some feedback now before the interviewing!
This is a big step for Coreatorium so keep checking up for the interview.
For more information on the aformentioned bands hit up:

Friday, October 5, 2007

Welcome October

hello all!
It has been a while since my last post... due to the fact that I haven't been able to figure out how to sign in! [laughs]
Well the latest happenings involve several Newcastle shows and upcoming touring news. But local gigs just aren't that exciting so i'll get down to the good stuff! And I know I promised interviews but it has been hard because I've been sick lately and i just finished my yearly exams. I promise when I get back from New Zealand there will be an interview conducted as well as my review for Taste of Chaos and Punk n Grind.

Get ready for 2008's Soudnwave festival! One of Australia's newest festivals, only debuting this year in February/March. Of course I attended it and it is the best show i have ever been to, it was worth the $95 I paid in the final round of tickets. Thrice, Deftones, Parkway Drive, Forgive Durden, MxPx, Unwritten Law, Hit The Lights, The Bronx, Terror and Suicidal Tendancies were just some of the bands that played at Sydney Park's sold out Soundwave festival.
But let's not rant on about this year's festival, it's all about 2008.
The current leaked line-up according to Soundwave forum moderators and administrators are:

Shadows Fall
Kevin Devine
Scary Kids Scaring Kids
Still Remains
Bleeding Through
The Matches
Boys Like Girls

This is only a handful of the lineup. The final announcements will be made on the 19th of October. All information about the lineup, tickets and venues will be released.
The major announcement is still on the down low, and fans of the first Soundwave are in anticipation. There are strong rumorus that As I Lay Dying, Killswitch Engage and The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus are playing, each announcing they are touring to Australia on a festival during February of 2008!
This festival is a MUST SEE, so stand by for tickets, and I hope to see you all there.
If you are after any details head to the soundwave forum it has all the information. I'm too lazy to give you a link so just search it in google!

And in other news...

We all know now that in just a few weeks the Rockstar Taste of Chaos tour will be sweeping the shores of Australia, with the likes of The Used, Rise Against, The Bled, Aiden, Gallows and new comers to the tour replacing Escape The Fate (see Escape The Fate topic from September) Drop Dead Gorgeous.
I will be giving a full review of the night as i will be attending the Sydney show at the Entertainment center. So keep an eye out.

ALSO. Rage Against The Machine have announced their Australian tour, doing head lining shows and head lining the 2008 Big Day Out tour this summer. If you are a little behind, the band has been reunited (following the break up of Audioslave) and are now embarking an international tour. They will share the stage alongside Bjork, local boys Grinspoon and the one and only Mr Billy Bragg. There are rumours stirring that The Smashing Pumpkins will grace the BDO stages as well.

Also when I get the chance I'll be reviewing one of these albums..

An Ocean Between Us - As I Lay Dying
Chase This Light - Jimmy Eat World
Downtown Battle Mountain - Dance Gavin Dance
Which brings me to my next news! Jimmy Eat World (most famous for their songs Bleed American and The Middle off their full length 'Bleed American') have recorded their 6th studio album entitled 'Chase The Light' and is set for release on the 16th of October. The first single 'Big Casino' has already been released for radio play. The whole album was leaked on to the internet on the 29th of September. And well yours trully went and downloaded it. shh! I downloaded it today, and its such a great album there's not a song on there that I don't like. This album is a must have.
In local news...
Sydney band Guns For Glory are set to release their new EP 'Love, Lust and Loneliness' on the 7th of October (this Sunday afternoon) at the Gaelic.
Darkest White are in the process of recording their debut EP.
Melbourne boys The Getaway Plan have recorded their new album in the US titled 'Streetlight' and have set the release date for November 3rd, they are back in Australia and are on tour with other Boomtown Records bands, unfortuately for Newcastle fans they will not be coming here. Teh first single off the album is 'Other Voices, Other Rooms' which can be purchased at killyourstereo.com.
'Horizons' is the new release from Parkway Drive. Produced by Killswitch Engage axeman Adam Dutkiewicz, it shows a maturing of the band's sound and new death metal elements used in songs like 'Siren's Song' & 'Boneyards' and classic Parkway sounding tracks like 'Carrion'. This is a great album and the songs that really stood out for me were Carrion, Breaking Point and Five Months.
I have been puzzled by I Killed The Promm Queen's current myspace screen name, it says.. "I KILLED THE PROM QUEEN (08 tourdates coming soon)" could this mean they are reuniting??? I will keep you updated on that one, there is no info on a possible tour except the screen name.
Heartbreak Club are in America! The band has an EP ('lamecore') and even their own music video for their single song 'Bethanie' and have obviously gained an international audience, gaining radio play in Australia, USA and Canada. Their record label Reign Records has sponsored their tour of the US.They began touring this month onthe tour entitled the 'Dead Celebrity Tour' while in the US they will be hitting the stage in the following cities:
Los Angeles, CA
Chico, CA
Portland, OR
Vanvouver, WA
Seattle, WA
San Francisco, CA
Sacramento, CA
Denver, CO
Lawrence, KS
Detroit, MI
Chicago, IL
Pittsburg, PA
Philledelphia, PA
New York, NY
As a fan and friend of the HB boys, I am not one to judge, but how the heck did they get such an oppurtunity! If you aren't a fan of their music you can at least say they are doing quite well for a local power pop/emo/punk quartet.
What's next?? Heartbreak Club on MTV2?! Maybe that's saying too much, but who knows. 2 years from now 13 year old teeny boppers will be outside in the cold at 12AM waiting for the midnight release of Heartbreak Club the full length studio album!!! We can only wait and see. [laughs]
That concludes my updates for now, I plan to make more regular updates now that I know how to logon. [laughs]
The future sees album reviews, band interviews and show reviews, as well as new happenings in the music world.
Until next time kids!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Paramore Show Review- Sydney 3rd October

For the past month I have been counting down the days to this show, to be honest not to see Paramore.

Mayday Parade have been my favourite band for quite some time, ever since they released there EP there songs have just hooked and there recently released LP does not dissapoint.

I make my way there at around 6:30 totry and find a good position, 20 minutes later and where still not allowed in. Its pretty obvious how big Paramore are now with the help of MTV.

As I make my way im greeted with so many shit cunts that make you not want to not go to shows. You have the twleve year old Veronica mad girls, or the dykes who arent dykes.

But I cant complain or should I, I realise that after tonight these fucks are going to go around saying they know both Hot Rod Circuit and Mayday Parade just cause they seen them.

Around 15 Minutes later we are greeted with screaming fans who probably have know idea who these guys were.

Mayday Parade were opening tonight, and ripped up the stage with one killer opener, Jaimie all over which is also the first song of there cd.

The sad thing was they only played for half an hour, which made me quite sad as I only really came to see this band.

One thing about this band is that the departure of there old bassist has hurt them, he had one of the most recognisable voices in rock.

There drummer was singing back up who obviouslywas struggling by missing some notes.

The band played around 5 songs and closed with 'When i get home your so dead' which is undoubtably there most famous song.

Are these guys the next big thing? Only time will tell but these guys were fucking tight.

Hot Rod Circuit were up next, having never really heard of these guys I never knew what to expect. But they did not dissapoint, but it was clear what the crowd wanted to see and that was Paramore.

Hot Rod Circuit played for around 40 mins, producing its that spans over ten years of there existance. Straight up rock and roll which most the fans knew nothing about. Pretty sad but this was another highlight of the night.

Paramore were finally up and this is what everyone was waiting for, delivering hits from both Riot! and All We Know Is Falling.

I thought to myself what if Paramore had not released Riot! yet, will they still have as many people there, well of course not.

Well you had the dykes pushing through the sweat pit, I wanted to roll one of them.

About Paramore though, I cant tell you that this band is bad at what they do because they arent, they do it well. Altough they should just change there name to Hayley Williams, cause no one gives a flying fuck about the actual band members even if the bassist did a backflip.

Definantly one to remeber though cant remember exactly what set they played, ill try find it later.