Tuesday, October 23, 2007

In Fiction Interview!

Coreatorium recently caught up with up with one of Australia's most promising rock acts 'In Fiction'.

First of all who am I talking to and what part do you play in the band?
You are speaking with Josh, i play guitar for In Fiction.. well i try to.

You guys are on one of the hottest labels in Australian at the moment (Boomtown) tell us what the atmosphere is like there?
Boomtown has been really good to us. Its awesome to have some great people behind us. and the other bands on the label have been really awesome too, we've made some great friends.

The Boomtown Showdown tour is about to go ahead, are you guys pumped for this or what.
Hell Yeh! I been amped for this tour since last years! we were co-opening last years tour and this year being main support is a step up and being on the road with rad friends is a true blessing.

Recently you guys released a Japanese album with two unreleased tracks here in Australia. Any chance that these songs will ever be released here?
Im not sure to be honest, i guess Australians might have to fly to japan to get the 2 unreleased songs. haha

Im a big fan of the song 'Calander notes' any chance on this being rereleased on the album.
haha sounds like you know something? Its definitely on the cards.

Whats your favourite song to play live?
oh, it changes all the time.. When The Cameras Off, is definitely a favourite because their are lots of vocal parts in it, but as far as raging goes, i would probably say Silhouette.

Who's the next big thing in Australian music?
Depends what you mean by next big 'thing'.. i think there are some really awesome up and coming bands in Australia and in recent times, its been awesome to see melodic rock come back and arguably take over 'hardcore', i couldn't tell you what the next big thing is but maybe it'll include neck beads, trucker caps and badges. haha

Really appreciate this, for doing this for the site, have a great time on the tour, ill be sure to check it out.
Thanks very much. see you at Boomtown Showdown in November (dont forget that Moustache!!)

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