Thursday, October 4, 2007

Paramore Show Review- Sydney 3rd October

For the past month I have been counting down the days to this show, to be honest not to see Paramore.

Mayday Parade have been my favourite band for quite some time, ever since they released there EP there songs have just hooked and there recently released LP does not dissapoint.

I make my way there at around 6:30 totry and find a good position, 20 minutes later and where still not allowed in. Its pretty obvious how big Paramore are now with the help of MTV.

As I make my way im greeted with so many shit cunts that make you not want to not go to shows. You have the twleve year old Veronica mad girls, or the dykes who arent dykes.

But I cant complain or should I, I realise that after tonight these fucks are going to go around saying they know both Hot Rod Circuit and Mayday Parade just cause they seen them.

Around 15 Minutes later we are greeted with screaming fans who probably have know idea who these guys were.

Mayday Parade were opening tonight, and ripped up the stage with one killer opener, Jaimie all over which is also the first song of there cd.

The sad thing was they only played for half an hour, which made me quite sad as I only really came to see this band.

One thing about this band is that the departure of there old bassist has hurt them, he had one of the most recognisable voices in rock.

There drummer was singing back up who obviouslywas struggling by missing some notes.

The band played around 5 songs and closed with 'When i get home your so dead' which is undoubtably there most famous song.

Are these guys the next big thing? Only time will tell but these guys were fucking tight.

Hot Rod Circuit were up next, having never really heard of these guys I never knew what to expect. But they did not dissapoint, but it was clear what the crowd wanted to see and that was Paramore.

Hot Rod Circuit played for around 40 mins, producing its that spans over ten years of there existance. Straight up rock and roll which most the fans knew nothing about. Pretty sad but this was another highlight of the night.

Paramore were finally up and this is what everyone was waiting for, delivering hits from both Riot! and All We Know Is Falling.

I thought to myself what if Paramore had not released Riot! yet, will they still have as many people there, well of course not.

Well you had the dykes pushing through the sweat pit, I wanted to roll one of them.

About Paramore though, I cant tell you that this band is bad at what they do because they arent, they do it well. Altough they should just change there name to Hayley Williams, cause no one gives a flying fuck about the actual band members even if the bassist did a backflip.

Definantly one to remeber though cant remember exactly what set they played, ill try find it later.

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