Thursday, August 30, 2007

Midnight Juggernauts at the Cambridge SOLD OUT

The Midnight Juggernauts have released their new album Dystopia and will be playing their wicked electro-prog beats to a SOLD OUT Cambridge Hotel at Newcastle tonight!!!

The album DYSTOPIA is an experience that comes to your living room right from the dance floor of hell! They have fused echoes of prog rock, electro beats to electrocute and dramatic flourishes to high success and has been described as "the catalyst to a nationwide movement".

This show is being organised by Ruffneck Promotions, which is responsible for Groovin the Moo. In fact thats the last time the Midnight Juggernauts were down this way. If you were lucky enough to squeeze into the dance tent that night and you scored a ticket, congrats!!!


Midnight Juggernauts myspace
Midnight Juggernauts website
Ruffneck Promotions website

Amathyst record with Nick Launay!

Although this is old news, people of Coreatorium might not know this.

Amathyst are an all girl goth-rock band from Newcastle. If your going to jump to conclusions about this band, you may aswell jump into oncoming traffic. Their live set is electrifying and they recorded a while back with producer Nick Launay.

To put it quite bluntly, the man is a freaking genius and has worked with John Lydon (Public Image Ltd), Talking Heads, Kate Bush, Silverchair, Lou Reed, Midnight Oil, Nick Cave (Grinderman, Bad Seeds, Birthday Party) and the list goes on.

The track EMILY is a rambunctious mix of the gap between hard rock and metal filled with an arsekicking low end and Renee and Kristy's contrasting yet effective vocal deliveries. You can check out the track for yourself on their Triple J Unearthed page, where I implore you all to download it for your iPods! Downloads on Triple J's Unearthed page will help Amathyst to climb the charts and you can do so by clicking here.

Hopefully this dynamic combination continues and rears its potential soon enough in the future.

Maitland Youth Music Crew BATTLE OF THE BANDS

Maitland Youth Music Crew has experienced a strong, new direction as of late and have followed up some memorable gigs with a Battle of the Bands competition coming up. The dates and heats are as followed.

Heat One - November 3rd - Maitland PCYC - $5 Entry
Rosevelt, The Zillers, After Bloodshed, My Dying Ember, Checkered Fists, Chaotic Ambiance, Classroom Riot, Fire In A Cup

Heat Two - November 10th - Maitland PCYC - $5 Entry
Black Entity, Shades Of Autumn , A December Truth, Falling for beloved, Room 24, Darkest White, Skinny Jill, Loved You Like I Did

Final - November 17th - Maitland PCYC - $5 Entry
Bands TBA

Get your tickets now from any of the bands.
To find out more about the Maitland Youth Music Crew, visit their myspace.

Rare IKTPQ recordings

Over at our myspace you can currently stream two tracks off Prom Queens Recently Deceased Lp.
These versions have the original vocals on them from there original vocalist.
Two download these you have to do us a little favour.
Post a bulletin about us on your myspace.
You also must be our friend on myspace.
And you must inlcude the link to our site.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Shuns The Light!

Announce first show, although it hasnt been anounced by them officially.

Sucks for all you under 18 kids.

Anyway should be a good show to see most of these guys back in action.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Angelas Dish Interview!

Hey guys whats going on, Who am I talking to and what part do you play in Angelas Dish?
You're talking to mike and i sing and play guitar in AD

How long have you guys been together and what has been biggest highlight?
We've been together since 2004, probably biggest highlight was playing at the Horden, sold out! or recording our album, thats something we're proud of.

Who would be your biggest influence in both National and International music?
Aus bands like The living End, crowded house, paul kelly and OS bands like Jimmy Eat world, Oasis and The Goo Goo dolls

Your on Boomtown records which seems to be getting bigger and bigger each day, how do you get along with the other bands on the roster, considering most play music nothing like yours?
We get along well with most of the guys in other bands but to be honest we dont see a lot of them anymore, everyones always on tour and even when they're home and we're home we're miles from any of them. It feels good to be on the label but, its a family.

The Central Coast scene has been giving us huge acts recently such as yourselfs, Something With Numbers and In The Grey what do you think the key to success is?
I think you've really just got to be yourself with your songs, and do it cuz you love it not for any other reason. Then if you're lucky enough you might get a brake.

Who is your favourite local band to play with and why?
After The Fall, we just get along with them like we've been friends for years. In Fact their Bassist is now my neighbour so its pretty cool.. he understands when we're really loud with our guitars and i understand that he's really loud when he parties.

Whats your favourite song to play live?I dont really have a favourite. i like seeing people react to our songs so i guess the more popular songs are a bit of fun to play. but different people like different songs so its always interesting.

Recently you announced to fans that three tracks of War On Time will be Re-mixed by Mark Needham who is responsible for the new My Chemical Romance album and some songs off The Killers first album, why did you guys get such a high profile engineer.

Why? well to be honest we know some people that know some people that actually made it really affordable... and he's a great engineer. We love 'Mr Brightside', its one of our favourite songs and to get the guy responisble for that mix onto our songs was a dream come true.

Whats the most annoying thing about the scene today?Artist dont like to be pigeon holed, but consumers need music to fit into a category.
As a band you cant fight the 'scene' you're in and a lot of bands try. It becomes confusing and at the end of the day you dont need to have a 'emo scene' liscence or any other 'scene' badge to walk into JbHi-Fi and buy an AngelasDish CD... anyone can.

What has been your favourite show ever?
Opening for Jimmy Eat world at the Metro in Sydney, that was literally playing along side our hero's.

What can we expect to see from Angelas Dish in the future?
You can expect to see hit album after hit album... or you'll see us working at the local chicken shop for the next five years? who knows really...

Well guys I guess thats it for the Interview, Anything you wish to add?
Just like to plug our new single 'Soft November' which will be in stores Oct 27. please go buy it.. xThankyou.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Shades of Autumn

The lads from Maitland have scored a support gig with Angela's Dish at the Maitland Clubhouse on Friday 24th of August. This weekend!!!!

It is for their regional tour, which is extending all over Newcastle and the Hunter Valley. They have started to a huge rise since their win at the MYMC Band Comp just a couple of months ago.

Short Stack are also playing. Tickets are $10, I think you can get them from the Clubhouse at 41 Elgin St Maitland, NSW 2320. Probably from the bands aswell, check out the Shades of Autumn myspace.

Shutter Interview!

Coreatorium:What part do you play in Shutter, and what sort of music do you guys play?

Aiden, Shutter:I sing and play bass, and we're kind of alternative rock/indie.

Coreatorium:How long have you guys been together and in that time what have been you best highlights?

Aiden, Shutter:We came together at the end of 2005 for a friends 18th just to play as a covers band. Then we started jamming on some originals, and before we knew it we had a set of 5-6 songs. My best highlight would have to be our 2nd placing at Mt. View High's Battle of the Bands Competition in April 2007. But pretty much any gig where the kids are getting into it and we play well is a highlight.

Coreatorium:Ok cool, Your obvioulsy in a scene where there isnt many similar artists like yours, How do you feel about this?

Aiden, Shutter:To be honest, it's cool to see heaps of different bands playing together. Like, we've played in a scene where Metal/Hardcore bands have the biggest crowd support, but it's also good to get our music out to all those kids who like those bands. But I guess it would be nice to be able to play a show with some more bands of our genre. A quote I heard from a good mate who plays in a PopPunk band was that we need to "bring singing back". And even though i respect all the Metal/Hardcore bands out there, not everyone likes them. So we're just offering something different. And we like what we play and listen to, so I guess that's all that matters.

Coreatorium:Yeah, thats the main problem with the Newcastle scene, is the lack of originality, Something that you guys try to avoid I guess?

Aiden, Shutter:Yeah true. But we don't go out of our way to be original. We try to mix different sounds and styles from all the bands we listen to, but at the same time put our own mark on them. You can't force originality, it just comes from the little things, like the way you play, stage presence and your attitude towards the music. And some of the 'scene' bands that are playing at the moment are like "f**k yeah, we'll throw a breakdown in here, and a blast beat there" and we'll crack the bigtime like Parkway did. Some bands think they can make it just by sounding the same as others, but hey i guess pubs need cover bands.

Coreatorium:Lol True, Yeah im really getting sick of tired of seeing Parkway and Prom Queen shirts all the time at show, I think Prom Queens break up was a blessing to the scene in someways, Anyway when can we expect to see some new Material such as an EP?

Aiden, Shutter:Ahh, well we recorded 4 new demo's a few months back for that NockRock compilation CD which was funded by CYEC (Cessnock Youth Entertainment Committee) so we'll have those on our myspace very shortly. But in terms of an EP, we're kind of unsure as a band where we want to go next. We've got 5-6 new songs that sound completely different to our older material, so when we do bring those songs out. I think people will have something sounding a bit more dancier then our previous offerings.

Coreatorium: Cant wait to hear it, What would you say your favourite song to play live is?

Aiden, Shutter:Probably some of the new stuff. It's always fun to play the older songs though, like 'Take Me' and 'View From the Sun', cause I've noticed some people start singing along and getting into them.

Coreatorium:Yeah there great songs, Who would be your favourite local band to play with and why?

Aiden, Shutter:We've built some good friendships with a few local bands such as, Black Entity (awesome stage presence), Shades of Autumn (catchiest pop-choruses, good mates), and in the earlier days, Harmartia (drinking buddies and wicked stage presence, but no longer together) & Shuns The Light (ex-In-Transit -awesome live band, all amazing musicians). But its always fun seeing any good live band play.

Coreatorium:True True, Well thats about all the questions I got to ask, any upcoming gigs you would like to plug before you go?

Aiden, Shutter:Just the ones on our myspace. Thanks mate.

Coreatorium:Cheers man

The Let go!

The Let Go have changed there name to James Dean!.
No idea why the name change, but it doesnt take away the fact that these guys are an awesome band.
They have a show on the 12th September at the Spectrum with Call The Medic, Call The Nurse!

Flatline Drama

Flatline Drama from Lithgow NSW have just released there new EP titled Resoloutions.
They have experienced a stellar past year supporting huge acts such as Parkway Drive, Carpathian, Angela's Dish, Behind Crimson Eyes, Karnivool and Silverchair.
If you like Alternative, Screamo or Rock you will love this band.
Upcoming shows include:

24 Aug 2007 8:00
Lithgow PCYC w/ KOHERE, ZERO DEGREES AND FALLING Lithgow, New South Wales
25 Aug 2007 10:00
Courthouse Hotel w/ THE FRASS and ST8ING THE OBVIOUS Lithgow, New South Wales
14 Sep 2007 6:30
Turbulance Hall w/ UNPAID DEBT, NOT QUITE RIGHT Orange, New South Wales
21 Sep 2007 6:00
7 Oct 2007 10:00
Courthouse Hotel (18+) w/ THE FRIDAY KILL Lithgow, New South Wales
11 Oct 2007 6:00
Musswelbrook PCYC (AA) w/ THE FRIDAY KILL Musselbrook, New South Wales
12 Oct 2007 8:00
Tamworth Youth Center (AA) w/ THE FRIDAY KILL Tamworth, New South Wales
13 Oct 2007 8:00
Fitzroy Hotel (18+) w/ THE FRIDAY KILL Tamworth, New South Wales

Playing a few shows with The Friday Kill who are also an amazing band.
To check these guys out head over to there Mypace:
EPs are also available on there page, if you have a Paypal account.


The Cessnock Youth Entertainment Committee will be announcing dates for their NOCKROCK CD Regional Tour soon. NOCKROCK is a compilation CD which will showcase bands such as Shutter, The Ophelia Theory, Avinash, Greenfold (formerely Carpark Sundays) and Black Entity.

The CD is in its final mastering stages and tour dates will be announced shortly. Check their myspace for more updates. If your band would like to play on the regional tour, fill out an Expression of Interest here.

Men Who Drip With Germs EP

The Men Who Drip With Germs have made their new 6-track EP available for the low, low price of $8. The 7 piece gypsy, folk band with numerous "dispensible members", are an unpredictable delight live and it will be interesting to see how this translates to recording.

You can contact their manager for consultation on your cd. Their EP launch will be held on the 28th of September at the Loft Youth Venue. Entry is free. Check out their myspace for more information on the Men Who Drip With Germs.

Kettles - New Song

Kettles, fronted by the virtuoso Aaron Jolly, has released a new demo track exclusively to the Kettles' myspace page.

The track instictively fuses Jolly's harmonious voice with a boisterous new tune. The track "Maybe" is a welcomed departure from Kettles' first album, which can be downloaded in full here. Enjoy.

The Butcher

The Butcher have recently finished their demo and will be available from Abicus, located on Darby Street. They will also be selling it at their next line of gigs. Their music cross-pollinates cerebral lyrics, haunting ambience and post-punk qualities but is not confined to them. I throughly recommend you attend one of their latest gigs, listed below. Check out their myspace.

Upcoming Gigs

24 Aug 2007
9:00 P
The Cambridge Hotel w/ Faults On Film & The Instant Newcastle, New South Wales
1 Sep 2007
9:00 P
The Cambridge Hotel w/ Lover (EP Launch) Newcastle, New South Wales
7 Sep 2007
9:00 P
The Lass O Gowrie w/ The Instant + The Salvatores Newcastle, New South Wales
8 Sep 2007
9:00 P
Lucky Country Hotel w/ The Sons of Katie Elder & The Backlight Newcastle, New South Wales
21 Sep 2007
9:00 P
The Cambridge Hotel w/ Big City Exile + The Salvatores Newcastle, New South Wales
28 Sep 2007
9:00 P
The Lass O'Gowrie Hotel w/ Alaska Ratio & Glass Army Newcastle, New South Wales

Waterview want you!

Waterview will be on head over to show your support this thursday.
Good to see guys.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

After Bloodshed Interview: Ben Guitar, Soft Vocals.

Coreatorium: Yo! Ben, Whats going on? Give your band name, what you do in the band and what style of music you play?

Ben, After Bloodshed: kk, After Bloodshed, i play guitar and do soft vocals, and we're like Screamo/Metalcore (amity affliction)

Coreatorium: Ok, So obviously your heavily influenced by fellow aussie metalcore, Hardcore, Who would you call your biggest influence in both the international and local scene?

Ben, After Bloodshed: Well international, our top 3 i think would have to be The Amity Affliction, The Devil Wears Prada & Still Remains, and locally would probably be As Silence Breaks or our mates Black Entity (who i also play for)

Coreatorium: Cool, how did you go about in gettin yourself in black entity?

Ben, After Bloodshed: well, im pretty good mates with all the bandmembers, and after the leaving of darby, i was asked to help out, and eventually the welomed me and a permanent guitarist
Coreatorium: Mad, When can we expect to hear some new tunes from After Bloodshed?

Ben, After Bloodshed: hopefully soon, we're still writing some music that fits the new genre, and still piecing it together and getting some stuff down with the new members, but we're doing it all fairly fast, so we should be in the studio to record wioth old habits soon

Coreatorium:I also notice some new members, who are they, and how do they add there own distinct features to the band?

Ben, After Bloodshed: well, we have anew guitarist vocalist, and keyboardist, Guitarist is scott maclean, who is really good at writing riffs and has a good sense of music, Brant - vocals who hasnt been in a band before but has a pretty impressive vocal range for someone who still time for their vocals to develop, and Beau maclean, scotts little bro on keyboard, who brings a more melodic theme to thew music, as well as

Ben, After Bloodshed: a dramatic sense

Coreatorium: Sounds good, Hey man whats in your cd player at the moment?

Ben, After Bloodshed:ummmm, Devil Wears Prada's new album Plagues

Coreatorium: Download? lol

Ben, After Bloodshed:haha

Ben, After Bloodshed:shhh

Coreatorium: So you guys got any up and coming gigs?

Ben, After Bloodshed:actually no , but i suppose thats good because we're probably not quiteready with the new members

Ben, After Bloodshed:but afterwards we're going to get intouch with secret empire

Coreatorium:True True

Coreatorium: Well I guess that all the questions I got at the moment, thanks heaps for the interview, and tell all your friends about the site, and until next time, cya around. Cheers

Ben, After Bloodshed:no worries, and thanks xx

After Bloodshed- New Members

New Members have joined After Bloodshed.
Taken from there Myspace.

"Sunday, August 12, 2007

New Members
After Bloodshed has recently gotten NEW MEMBERS !!
vocalist, keyboardist, guitarist !!

will be sounding more DWP and Amity like."


Want your band interviewed, Send us a message over at our myspace.

Elavation 07!

Dungog, No thanks.

Waterview finally in maitland.

Still a while away though.

Lock n Load 25th August

Hmmm, The Vaine.

How the fuck!

How the hell did Heartbreak get to America, since when have they been there?

A December Truth.

Have posted a new demo off there I dunno lol.
These guys have a lot of shows, check them out.

Coreatoriums myspace.
Updated quite often.


Head over to waterviews myspace to hear a new song, off there EP.
Great song and even greater EP.

Shuns The Light

Wondering what ever happned to the band In Transit.
Well 4 of the 5 members now have a new band called Shuns The Light.
Apparantly they have six originals ongs sounding tight, and are expected to play there first show late next month, stay tuned to this site.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Shutter anounce new shows.

Check out there myspace for more details.
SECRET EMPIRE @ The Loft Newcastle on 31st August.
MYMC @ Maitland PCYC on 8th September.
TEENAGE KICKS @ Kurri Kurri Workers Club on 15th September.
ELEVATION FESTIVAL @ Dungog High School on 22nd September.
NOCKFEST '07 w/Rose Tattoo @ Cessnock Sportsground 30th September.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

As Silence Breaks

Post new song!
Check out there myspace page to listen.

Band of the week.

New feature here on coreatorium.
Band of the week will be effective immediatly, just nominate a band, doesnt matter wether your in it or not.
Then a poll will be introduced with the best acts, then you vote for them.
Band of the week will be featured on the front page as well as on the myspace and the forum.
Post your nominated band in the replies.


Rumour has it, they will be playing a show sometime next month, localy, stay tuned.

Coma lies?

On a break or hiatus anyone can confirm this?

Short Fast Loud this wednesday- New Parkway song.

Winston from Parkway Drive calls in to talk about a bunch of stuff including the new album Horizons. new music: Parkway Drive, Horsell Common, Anime Fire, Madball, Warriors, Samsara, Nine Iron, Grand Fatal, Abandon All Hope and more 10pm. JJJ The song that Stu will play tonight will go online on Monday.

Waterview- Show review for the 11th august.

This show received a fair bit of controversy, with first being moved from The Loft, over to The Black Box theatre.
I have never been to The Black Box before, and they may be the reason it took me an hour and a half to get there.
I had no idea where it was and had to ask some of the locals to get directions.
When I did turn up I was greeted with the usual scene kids once again trying to outdo each other, with the same hairstyles that was there 6 months ago.
You see, I have not been to a show since probably 3 months, since I quit my band, I havent found the time.
When I arrived, it was just in time for Kids Of November, I thought to myself that I had seen this band before.
Ahh, yess, High Voltage 23rd December we played with them, I thought they were good at what they did, not exactly original but you do get that.
Then I heard the first line of vocals and started to think to myslef that this must be a different band, this wasnt Kids Of November, but sure enough it was.
They are just another band who have jumped on the Hardcore band wagon, much to the same as the Valley.
I still listened to there whole set and must say they are good at what they do, but I got some advice for them, guys dont change for what cool, you were an even better band before and you had a lot more potential.
Next up were Red Distress all the way from Sydney, I must say that this band is good, and I urge everyone of you to check them out.
The vocalists can sing and they can all play there instruments.
A big suprise to see such a good band playing such a little show, but oh well.
Waterview were the headliners for tonights show and it comes as no suprise, with constant airplay on Triple J and a spot on the Come Together the four young lads from Newcastle could very well be Newcasltes next big thing.
I am pretty sure they opened the set with a new song, which sounded fantastic, then they went straight into Daybreak.
These came here to do one thing and that play music, something you dont really see these days.
Best local band I have probably seen ever and there Ep is in my cd player constantly.
They also ended with a new song which has a lot of potential.
These guys should expect a lot of label interest, especially if they continue the form they are in.
Apologies to the first to bands, Falling For Beloved and Ellington for not making it, but I plan on another time.
Also plan on catching Waterview in Maitland very soon.
Stay tuned!

4th priority show download

Dont know what the quality is like, but the folks over at Tin radio certainly know how to do there stuff.


Anyone else think that these guys should get whats coming to them?
Probably the dullest band in the newcastle scene.
Anyway over at there myspace they are currently holding a competition for a banner.
i dont know what you win and dont really care, but I know a lot of people, and its always about minority.

First post!

Hello all and welcome to this site, I plan on buying a domain name in the coming months, check back everyday for more articles and reviews.