Sunday, September 30, 2007

Short-Stack Interview!

First of all who am I talking to and what part do you play in Short Stack?

im shaun donald patrick diviney, i sing and play geetah

You guys are one of Newcastles biggest up and comers what do you think the secret is in the success?

haha we are? well i spose it is stick to your guns, play what you like playing and put a lot of effort towards it and hopefully it will pay off :)

But with fame also comes a lot of jealousy, how do you guys react to the forms of hatred you recieve from the local bands and fans?

haha well i think everyone loves me so... nah jk, i spose you laugh it off, some people arent going to like what you do but that doesnt mean its not worthwhile

What is your biggest influence on the music you write non musically?

girls mainly haha. the current album we have coming out i basically wrote about my last year in high school and my relationship with people in situations, but especially about girls i'm in love with who dont even know i exist haha

How about musically?

musically theres a variety, at the moment i'm obsessed with kanyes new album but there will always be the greenday and ramones influence that was there since day one.

According to Myspace you guys are in the top 10 pages of the top artists in Australia, why do you think you have recieved so much attention.

i'm not sure, but we are definatly flattered by it. the small amount of success we have had we really appreciate it and sometimes don't think we deserve it, especially when kids go out of thier way to make shirts and give you gifts. it just makes your week haha

What can we expect to see from Short Stack in the future?

an album, very shortly. we have recorded the first 6 and i have written all the songs for the next 6 which we'll record in november. now we are going to come together and arange whats going down.

Favourite show to ever play?

the best so far has been hellogoodbye - off the fucking wall. its like if we were a christian band playing with jesus, that's how much that show meant to me- for our first "big" show to be sharing the stage with one of your favourite bands is simply amazing.

We really appreciate this interview, thankyou for yor time.

thank you :)x shaun

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Listen to Emery's "I'm Only a Man"

Emery have put up there new album in it's entirety on there Myspace page. It's a bit of a departure for the boys from there much familiar sound, but I can tell it's going to be a hit with everyone.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Waterview EP Review!

Waterview have been on the scene for a fair few years now, but this EP is there first official release. Being released last year, Waterview have created a perfect blend between the Screamo, Emo and Aussie Hardcore bands.

The EP kicks off with what is undoubtably there most popular song "Daybreak". Although only clocking in at just 2 minutes and 30 seconds this song has plenty on offer. Starting with old school hardcore chants and gang vocals, Aussie hardcore fans of bands such as Against! and Rex Banner.

The EP boasts 5 songs with each song offering standout quality from one of Newcastles most promising acts. Lo Siento offers the starting screams with a unique blend of more of the softer side, as well as an extremly catchy chorus that is the standout track for me off this amazing debut EP. Bring on there LP as I cant wait to hear it.

Standout Tracks:


Lo Siento

Lock N Load.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Shuns The Light Interview.

Recently Coreatorium conducted an Interview with Mikka from one of Newcastles best band no one has heard, yet.

Mikka/ShunsTheLight:hello im mikka i play 1/2 the guitars (and don't say shuns the light say stl or the shunners or something)

Coreatorium:Ok Man, What have Shuns The Light been up to during there break? It seems like forever seems we've heard from you guys..Mikka/ShunsTheLight:hahaha it has been forever just been writing crap loads of new material alot of work ...

Coreatorium:How can The Shunners new material be compared to the likes of old intransit?

Mikka/ShunsTheLight:intransit was dog shit... and shuns the light is fresh dogshit, nah seriously slower, heavier, and alot more lyrically progressive

Coreatorium:So we can expect a fresh new sound to the genre?

Mikka/ShunsTheLight: we are demoing at the momentshouldn't be long till we hit the studio

Coreatorium: What is your biggest influence musically?

Mikka/ShunsTheLight: I like a lot of indie and rock stuff, trial kennedy the veld gyroscope, but i i guess i mix it in with with heavy punk and metal

Coreatorium:Whats the best thing about being in a band?

Mikka/ShunsTheLight: The chicks.....hahahahahhah nah i have heaps of fun creating music, but definately smoking tobacco before a nice 45 minute set

Coreatorium:Haha, What local bands do you look up to and why?

Mikka/ShunsTheLight:Most of the local bands ive looked upto have carcked it. lights out berlin and casey harbour taught me a lot about stage presence and crazy effects. ummm the veld they just make getting big look too easy lol...

Coreatorium:So what can we expect from the Shuns in the near future?

Mikka/ShunsTheLight:we have a few shows lined up and some studio time for maybe an ep mid next yr

Coreatorium: Awesome man, anything else you wish to add or plug?

Mikka/ShunsTheLight: I heard edens hung like a horse

Coreatorium:Haha Thanks for taking the time for the interview

Mikka/ShunsTheLight: No probs, cheers.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Upcoming International CD Reviews:

Heres a list of some cds we are soon to be reviewed by International Artists:
These Silhouettes: Self Titled LP
A Thorn For Every Heart: Its Hard Too Move You
Scenes From A Movie: ThePulse
Plus more.

Upcoming Local CD Reviews:

These are just some of the cds we will be reviewing withing the next couple of weeks.
Robotsaurus: Ex members of LoveLikeEloctrocution
A Silent Fiction: EP
In Fiction: Ghost EP
Say Nothing: EP
Stealing Oneal: Spin For Me EP
The Mission In Motion: The Window EP
Want your Cd to be reviewed by the core, drop us an email at

Friday, September 21, 2007

Drop Dead Gorgeous.

Recently we reported about Escape The Fates departure from this years upcoming Taste Of Chaos tour. The band that will fill in there position will be none other than one of Rise Records biggest acts Drop Dead Gorgeous. DDR have had a recent stellar year off the back of there recently released new album 'Far From A Fairy Tale'. They recenlty played all the dates on this years Warped Tour in the states. Tickets are still on sale for the Sydney date which will take place at the end of October.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Escape The Fate

Escape The Fate's upcoming tour on the ROCKSTAR Taste Of Chaos Tour to Australia has been cancelled. According to Frontier Touring the band had to pull out due to immigration and legal issues.
This message was left to all there fans;

"To all of our international fans,We regret to inform you that we will not be able to participate in Taste Of Chaos International. We have some legal issues that we have to clear up. This is a huge bummer for us and we really wanted to come to your countries and rock your faces off every night. Once we clear up all of our immigration and legal issues, we will jump right on an airplane and give you a show that you will never forget. Make sure you go out and support Rockstar Taste Of Chaos and all of the bands that are playing. Those shows are going to kill! We love each and everyone of you and we will see you soon.

-Escape The Fate"

This is sad news for me because i spent 75 bux just to see them! Now it's all wasted on The Used, but i do tip my hat to the other bands playing (Aiden, The Bled, Rise Against and Carparthian.)

If you wanna go to this year's TOC then tickets are still on sale! head to for more details.


Armor For Sleep!

Just announced that Armor For Sleeps newest release has been delayed.
a statement from Ben who is the bands singer and guitarist states that it has been delayed by just 21 days.
This band is also being rumoured to play at Soundwave next year, so fingers crossed.

Sullivan- Cover Your Eyes review!

You may have heard of Sullivan before and there is probably only one reason for this, the drummer in Sullivan is actually Spencer Chamberlainn from Underoaths brother.
Both Chamberlainns were in the same band years before, This Runs Through which you may also have heard of, even though Sullivan sound nothing like them.
Sullivan second LP has recently been released and has been getting very little attention through the underground music scene. This is straight up Rock, forget your typical songs about the girl who got away, this si the opposite.

If you did like Sullivans debut lp then you will absoloubbtly adore there latest effort brought to you by Tooth And Nail. Im just thinking wether or not Sullivan would be as popular as they are if the drummer wasnt related to Spencer, which is a real shame as this band means quality rock songs. The album is for the mainstream, not for fans of underoath or any melodic Screamo/Emo.
Sunny Day Real Estate and Death Cab For Cutie are the only real similarities I can see with this band, they have tried to distinguish there sound as much as possible and let me tell you that it has worked.

Stand out tracks include:

1. Fire Away

2. F- Stop

3. Goodbye, Miss Havisham


One of the most underrated bands in the worlds, have recently announced there breakup.
Spitlafield formed in 1999 and released four records on Vicory Records.
There most recent effort Better Than Knowing Where Your Are was released just last year with much critical attention.
This band will be sorely missed and you may remeber them on there Boys Of Summer stint earlier this year.
Head over to there myspace to read a statement from the band regarding there breakup.

The Core are hiring.

We need more staff so we can constantly run updates on the scene.At the moment we have four people contributing but we definatly need more.Obviously there will be now financial reward for your efforts for this requirement. All in the love of the business.But if you want to go to free shows and love scoring the rare free cd, then this is your chance.All your expected to do it at least three news posts a week, as well as two cd reviews a month and an optional show review.Quite easy if you ask me.Reply to this message if interested.

Boys Night Out CD Review!

What do you do when you've created an album about a man who loses his sanity after murdering his wife in his sleep? You go on too write an album about alcoholism, disheartenment and self affliction! And that's exactly what Boys Night Out have done on there third full release on New Jersey based Ferret Records.

"Get Your Head Straight" kicks off the album with an infectious chorus th
at immediately establishes Boys Night Out as a catchy well produced rock album thanks to the help of legendary producer Lou Giordano known for such bands as Goo Goo Dolls, Live and The Ataris just to name a few; in which creating a strong opening song that will instantly get you hooked on the album. Ben Arseneau's drumming picks up in the second track with the use of neat fills and rolls to kick of "Swift And Unforgiving" which unfortunately suffers lyrically as a whole. "The Push and Pull" dispatches the familiar punk pop predictable riffs and harmonisation, until the chorus is broken down to modern rock. "Up With Me" the single of the album, tries to push the moody concept displayed in the use Connor's vocal abilities and the first taste of a more heavier hardcore sound leading into "The Heirs Of Error" which is probably the heaviest track of the album which will be instantly recognised as a crowd favorite for the catchy group vocals.

The group vocal trend picks up to fill other tracks "Let Me Be Your Swear Word" and "Hey, Thanks" the latter including synth and hand claps to create a sense of speed. "Fall For The Drinker" is easily my favourite track on the album as it's a glass raising, pub chanting effort that yells "
We’re all here now, tonight to hell with everything else, we’ll drink hard and we’ll drink to ourselves". "Apartment" and "Reason Ain't Our Long Suit" start to slow down the album falling into an abyss of familiarity because of the other tracks outshining these otherwise good tracks and with the slow " It Won't Be Long" finishing off the album with the best showing of Connors vocals yet.

What Boys Night Out have created on the third self-titled album is a collection of infectious pop rock hooks and rock driven guitars riffs that tries to be nothing short of other "pop" rock bands in an already crowded genre. Not to say that this album is all pop and no rock, which it isn't. It's just that it doesn't branch out from the norm like there previous concept "Trainwreck" which a lot of fans will probably be disappointed about but they have still created a brilliant album which every lover of pop/punk/rock (or drinking songs) will enjoy.

1. Fall For The Drinker
2. Get Your Head Straight
3. It Won't Be Long

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

upcoming interviews

As far as me interviewing people I'm going to try. My future interviews will be from the likes of:

Falling For Beloved
The Vaine
Armor For Sleep [fingers crossed and let's hope my friend let's me.]

And a shit load of others, theyre shit the main ones that people would know about.
Keep checking in for updates and new interviews!
Any suggestions as well???

Lock & Load

25/08/2007 [a little late but it's here!]
Lock & Load
Black Box, Newcastle.

Tonight’s show was surprising for me, never have I in my short time on this Earth been in the presence of so many dykes and scene kids, unless you are a fan of gay bars and cross-dressers then a night like this really wouldn’t be for you. But this abundance of women loving women did not deter me from enjoying the night, and don’t make me out to be some homophobe or anything, it was funny seeing lesbian lovers fighting [laughs].

Arriving at Black Box during the set of Falling for Beloved, made me thankful that I missed the rest of the garb that plays before the first decent band starts playing, those bands being ‘Redevine’ and ‘The Red Letter Project’. I take that comment back about them being, seeing these guys both before they pulled pretty good shows, so I regret missing them play.

Venturing my way into to the fairly packed venue, even though more then half of the audience was outside, the stench of ‘crotch’ was thick and the mosh-pit was motionless, the only people who got their ‘groove on’ were the rejects in the back and the groupies the bands have to bring along so it actually looks like people like their music.

Falling for Beloved managed to bring on a really tight and great performance, even though their lead singer Jimmy, or as we came to know him at the end of the night ‘Jimmy Touché Titcum’, was very partied out from the vodka and Pulse he mixed together an hour or so before his set. Afterwards I managed to hang out with Jimmy, and scored a future interview, if I had brought a pad or a tape recorder then you could be enjoying the slur and comical genius that is Falling for Beloved’s Jimmy Touché Titcum, but sadly you will have to wait. At the disappointment of not having something to write down an interview I continued the night with out the troubles of writing this review, and managed to have quite a laid back night hanging with people that I rarely see and people I’ve never seen. Falling for Beloved was definitely the highlight of the night for me, if you haven’t seen them live yet, then I suggest you get on to their Myspace now and find when and where they’re playing next!

Along with the rest of the crowd there, I spent most of my night outside enjoying everything that Newcastle’s music scene has to offer. And to my alarm the purpose of visiting Lock & Load became void. I was informed that the headliners ‘As Silence Breaks’ cancelled yet another Newcastle show, this time the drummer broke his finger or something. Although disappointed that I missed them [again], I still tried to enjoy what was left of the night, and collected some feedback from some of the kids that attended the show. One guy said, “There’s only one word to describe this gig, ‘crap!’ “

But comments aside, it was still a great show.
I enjoyed the sounds of ‘The Bright Star Alliance’ from outside, not entirely impressed with their sound, but still an appreciation for their effort.

Finally I went back inside to see what all the fuss was over these guys ‘The Vaine’ or rather these girls [and one guy]. These girls [and guy] put on one heck of a show, unbelievable guitar skills from the only male in the band, a lot of great stage presence, and not to mention a shirtless drummer and who said girls shouldn’t be bands? Watching them tear up that stage makes me wonder why more girls aren’t out there starting metalcore bands and taking their shirts off [we can only dream]. They pulled off the longest set and the most fuel pumped one as well, with their groupies at the front wearing their ‘The Vaine Crew’ tees and chanting all the words to the songs. These girls (and guy) pulled off an amazing show; they will definitely go far in the music business. The frontman’s [or should I say frontwoman’s] vocal range was incredible; she pulled off those screams better then a lot of male screamers on this scene.

9:20ish and we come to the final act and a close for Lock & Load, with Newcastle boys ‘Kids of November’. They drew in a small following of devoted fans, and pulled off an entertaining close to an entertaining night, although they didn’t seem to be playing their most adrenaline pumped show, not many jumps or big guitar swings from the boys, but they still left a good impression. And finally the show was over and it was time to depart Newcastle and head off back to Maitland.

The night overall was fun and boring all at the same time. But I was glad to see such a big turn out compared to many other Newcastle shows, these hardcore/metalcore shows always seem to bring out the kids, it’s a strange scene and it is certainly growing, newer faces are being drawn to these shows with even weirder hair styles then the kids before them. From emo fringe to emo fringe, they just keep getting longer and more outrageous; sometimes you can’t tell if people are boys or girls because of all that hair in their face. It actually took me all show to figure out that The Vaine’s back-up vocalist was actually a girl. There are all sorts of shoes ranging from Chuck Taylor Converse All-Stars to Sparkly gum boots. The scene is prospering so if you can make it in to town or you’re already there, I suggest you hit up the nearest show and get involved with our local scene, it’s not much compared but it’s something, it’s funny how many new people you meet at them as well.

Hope you enjoyed the review.


Rumours are rising that Waterview have signed with Skull and Bones Records.
For those of you who arent familar with this label, they massive Amity Affliction are on it as well as a string of other Aussie bands.
Congrats if its true guys.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Silverstein Tour!

Below you will find the dates for the upoming Silverstein tour.
Supporting in this tour will be the excellent Set Your Goals.
Sadly no Newcastle date.

Jan 6 2008 Fly By Night Freemantle
Jan 9 2008 The Arena Brisbane
Jan 10 2008 UNSW Roundhouse SydneyJan
11 2008 Billboards 18+ Melbourne
Jan 12 2008 Billboards Under 18 Melbourne
Jan 13 2008 The Gov Adelaide
Jan 17 2008 Hot Damn 18+ Sydney

Friday, September 7, 2007

Interview with Evading the Enemy!


Core: Who am i talking to and what part do you play in Evading the Enemy?

Chris Keeping "Keepo" I am the lead Vox (Throat/Scream)

Core: As an independent band, what is the hardest part of promoting yourselves?

The hardest part would have to be the time that's required to fit it into my lifestyle. Its a catch 22 really because in one way you need money to pay for the equipment that you need however, you can't afford to waste all your time working if you want to pump out shitloads of new songs and gig every second day. That also leads to other hard part of the band, only having 3 members over 18.

Core: Do you find with the invention of things like Myspace and Purevolume it makes things easier?

Hell yes!

Core: What would you say are things that keep you going as a band? What makes you strive to be different then other bands?

The main thing that keeps us going as a band is the music, we all love what we're playing there's never arguments over what genre we should be playing and each song we make we love to play over and over.

You know when you see lots of Parkway Drive rip offs around it makes you want to bring something new and exciting to this style, admittedly our EP recordings were probably heavily influenced by Parkway and that Aussie style of Hardcore Metal. But to me that was an eye opener to the band but our new stuff is gonna give a new meaning to brutality. Since we got our new drummer, we have picked up in every single way!

Core: What was the hardest part about creating your EP?

MONEY! [laughs] Well actually first of all it was finding someone to record us. Because we didn't want to spend too much on our first EP, so we found a friend of a friend "Pat" with a home studio but hit a hard time getting the mixing completed. So we had to change to another friend of a friend called "Troy" both of them coming through for us and the recordings ended up coming together quite nicely.

Core: What has the response been to it so far?

Fairly good, we hoped for better. But it's just hard right now to outsource it because for the time being until we can find a decent record company that will have us we're trying to do it by ourselves, which is pretty hard. But judging by Myspace though I'm happy with the responses

Core: As you would be [laughs]. What can we expect to see from ETE in the near future?

Well our short term plans are to gig a shitload, get our name out to those who don't know who we are and keep the songs coming because we are already in the process of our fourth new song with our new drummer. And also plans to record them in our own time over the next few months but nothing too serious for the time being.

Core: Would you say the experience of adjusting to new members is hard?

Not really, don't get us wrong we loved our old drummer! He was a champion but he just didn't fit right, then he started to go down the wrong tracks and then ended moving away to the South Coast. That pretty much gave us no option BUT to look for another drummer. Luckily "Mini" [bassist] knew a guy he had met through his girlfriend, It turned out we had a gig coming up and needed someone to fill so we used that as his audition. He just fits with us really well, except the fact he can't drive and lives all the way up the fuckin' mountain [laughs]

Core: Favorite experience so far in ETE?

Would have to be releasing our own EP, I love the fact that it was us that made it [laughs]
And possibly the massive drunk gig we did at the Mandarin Club, barely anyone there, we all got drunk including the crowd and fuckin' ripped that place to shreds.

Core: Worst experience in ETE?

When we started i was actually the singer and Steve and Mini were the screamers. We were making good music except for my singing [laughs]. I had heaps of fun and well I thought I sounded good, till I finally heard myself.

Core: Well that about raps it up, anything you would like to add/plug?

Yeah anyone interested in having a chat to me or the boys just give us a yell on our Myspace ( we've got loads of useless shit to talk about and definitely if we're coming your way don't hesitate to come see us I love to see new faces in the crowd.

Thanks for having me cheers.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Queensland Riviera have called it a day.
Although they have two last shows this weekend, for those people livin in Queensland.
Head over to there myspace to read the blog about there breakup.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Stealing Oneal Interview!

Here it is guys!

Who am I talking to and what part do you play in Stealing Oneal?

> I’m Jack, and I play the part of the best friend of the lead girl character but I pretend I’m not really desperately in love with her and help her out with relationship advice. I also play guitar and sing back-ups when I’m not busy making mix-tapes to silently confess my love for her.

>What was your main insparation behind the Spin For Me EP?

> Basically, we really wanted to get a product out there on the market. We knew that having it out, would be a step up for our profile and our peace of minds. When it was released we had been a band for over 2 years, and it was such a relief to finally have a group of songs that would fit in sequence, and worthy of being on an EP.

>Whats it like being on Taperjean records label?

> I feel really lucky to be a part of TaperJean! I know it’s a label that’s really going to progress in time and have some real impact on independent music and it’s kind of a privilege to be involved with it in the early days.

>Ive never been to a Stealing Oneal show, what can I expect from you guys when you play live?

> You shouldn’t expect anything! We’ll always do something different to mix things around a little. Maybe you should expect the unexpected! Haha! Or dancing! There’s always plenty of dancing.

>What is the best thing about being in a band?

> The best thing probably for us is to hear when people really respond to a song, or they tell us that they really enjoy our music. It kinda makes us feel like we’re doing something that people are connecting with, and that’s a great feeling!

>What about the worst thing?

> The worst thing? Um, probably when our schedule calls for 10 hour van rides, all cooped up with stinky tour managers and no personal space; then getting out to play a show, and then travelling back all 10 hours to get back in time for another show! It’s like a 24 hour round trip of hell!

>What can we expect to see from Stealing Oneal in the future?

> A hell of a lot more touring, we want to get out as much as possible, make plenty of friends on the road and get a whole lot more exposure! Plus it’s really fun. Then we’ll do another EP, and more touring and then finally an album!

>Favourite song to play live?

> Probably Bedroom Eyes, only because we added this true rock style ending to it, which is mint fun to play! I guess you’ll have to see us to see it!

>Favourite local band to play with?

> We’ve made some great friends on the road, so we kind of have our best friend bands in each state. We love playing with I Am Spartacus down here, 919 and Kiss Montana in Radelaide and we’re just about to do a heap of dates with Another Day Down from QLD which should be wicked fun!

>Well guys there all the questions I have, and last words you wish to add?

>Come say hi to us on and then come dance with us at a show in your town!!

>Thankyou guys very much

>Peace and Love xx

Band Of The Month!

Here it is, band of the month.
In the replies nominate your fave band for a chance for them to become Coreatoriums band of the month.
All of the top nominees will then be put into a poll where you can vote for them and that is how the winner will be declared.
The winner will recieve bragging rights as well as constant talk about them on this site as well as this myspace.
There gig and also any music they have will be reviewed.
So get your entries in now.
Entries close Saturday Sepember 8th.

Same Old Story

Have recently just uploaded an Acoustic sampler to there myspace page.

Big City Exile.

Have just been anounced as supports for Something For Kate for there Newcastle show.
Taking place on September 20th at the Bar On The Hill, at Newcastle Uni.
Head over to there myspace to find out more details.