Sunday, September 30, 2007

Short-Stack Interview!

First of all who am I talking to and what part do you play in Short Stack?

im shaun donald patrick diviney, i sing and play geetah

You guys are one of Newcastles biggest up and comers what do you think the secret is in the success?

haha we are? well i spose it is stick to your guns, play what you like playing and put a lot of effort towards it and hopefully it will pay off :)

But with fame also comes a lot of jealousy, how do you guys react to the forms of hatred you recieve from the local bands and fans?

haha well i think everyone loves me so... nah jk, i spose you laugh it off, some people arent going to like what you do but that doesnt mean its not worthwhile

What is your biggest influence on the music you write non musically?

girls mainly haha. the current album we have coming out i basically wrote about my last year in high school and my relationship with people in situations, but especially about girls i'm in love with who dont even know i exist haha

How about musically?

musically theres a variety, at the moment i'm obsessed with kanyes new album but there will always be the greenday and ramones influence that was there since day one.

According to Myspace you guys are in the top 10 pages of the top artists in Australia, why do you think you have recieved so much attention.

i'm not sure, but we are definatly flattered by it. the small amount of success we have had we really appreciate it and sometimes don't think we deserve it, especially when kids go out of thier way to make shirts and give you gifts. it just makes your week haha

What can we expect to see from Short Stack in the future?

an album, very shortly. we have recorded the first 6 and i have written all the songs for the next 6 which we'll record in november. now we are going to come together and arange whats going down.

Favourite show to ever play?

the best so far has been hellogoodbye - off the fucking wall. its like if we were a christian band playing with jesus, that's how much that show meant to me- for our first "big" show to be sharing the stage with one of your favourite bands is simply amazing.

We really appreciate this interview, thankyou for yor time.

thank you :)x shaun


NIk said...


Teags said...


cant wait for the new album

and well

shaun your just awesome


♥much love teags xx

Anonymous said...

Shaun Is SEXY With all capitals=]

Beki said...

:O cant wait for an album

most awesome band live.

rockstars =]


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Short Stack = rad. :D

Shaun, Bradie & (C)andy are rad.

Rad, rad, rad.

Just oh so rad.

LOL. x]