Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Shutter Interview!

Coreatorium:What part do you play in Shutter, and what sort of music do you guys play?

Aiden, Shutter:I sing and play bass, and we're kind of alternative rock/indie.

Coreatorium:How long have you guys been together and in that time what have been you best highlights?

Aiden, Shutter:We came together at the end of 2005 for a friends 18th just to play as a covers band. Then we started jamming on some originals, and before we knew it we had a set of 5-6 songs. My best highlight would have to be our 2nd placing at Mt. View High's Battle of the Bands Competition in April 2007. But pretty much any gig where the kids are getting into it and we play well is a highlight.

Coreatorium:Ok cool, Your obvioulsy in a scene where there isnt many similar artists like yours, How do you feel about this?

Aiden, Shutter:To be honest, it's cool to see heaps of different bands playing together. Like, we've played in a scene where Metal/Hardcore bands have the biggest crowd support, but it's also good to get our music out to all those kids who like those bands. But I guess it would be nice to be able to play a show with some more bands of our genre. A quote I heard from a good mate who plays in a PopPunk band was that we need to "bring singing back". And even though i respect all the Metal/Hardcore bands out there, not everyone likes them. So we're just offering something different. And we like what we play and listen to, so I guess that's all that matters.

Coreatorium:Yeah, thats the main problem with the Newcastle scene, is the lack of originality, Something that you guys try to avoid I guess?

Aiden, Shutter:Yeah true. But we don't go out of our way to be original. We try to mix different sounds and styles from all the bands we listen to, but at the same time put our own mark on them. You can't force originality, it just comes from the little things, like the way you play, stage presence and your attitude towards the music. And some of the 'scene' bands that are playing at the moment are like "f**k yeah, we'll throw a breakdown in here, and a blast beat there" and we'll crack the bigtime like Parkway did. Some bands think they can make it just by sounding the same as others, but hey i guess pubs need cover bands.

Coreatorium:Lol True, Yeah im really getting sick of tired of seeing Parkway and Prom Queen shirts all the time at show, I think Prom Queens break up was a blessing to the scene in someways, Anyway when can we expect to see some new Material such as an EP?

Aiden, Shutter:Ahh, well we recorded 4 new demo's a few months back for that NockRock compilation CD which was funded by CYEC (Cessnock Youth Entertainment Committee) so we'll have those on our myspace very shortly. But in terms of an EP, we're kind of unsure as a band where we want to go next. We've got 5-6 new songs that sound completely different to our older material, so when we do bring those songs out. I think people will have something sounding a bit more dancier then our previous offerings.

Coreatorium: Cant wait to hear it, What would you say your favourite song to play live is?

Aiden, Shutter:Probably some of the new stuff. It's always fun to play the older songs though, like 'Take Me' and 'View From the Sun', cause I've noticed some people start singing along and getting into them.

Coreatorium:Yeah there great songs, Who would be your favourite local band to play with and why?

Aiden, Shutter:We've built some good friendships with a few local bands such as, Black Entity (awesome stage presence), Shades of Autumn (catchiest pop-choruses, good mates), and in the earlier days, Harmartia (drinking buddies and wicked stage presence, but no longer together) & Shuns The Light (ex-In-Transit -awesome live band, all amazing musicians). But its always fun seeing any good live band play.

Coreatorium:True True, Well thats about all the questions I got to ask, any upcoming gigs you would like to plug before you go?

Aiden, Shutter:Just the ones on our myspace. www.myspace.com/shutteraus Thanks mate.

Coreatorium:Cheers man

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