Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Angelas Dish Interview!

Hey guys whats going on, Who am I talking to and what part do you play in Angelas Dish?
You're talking to mike and i sing and play guitar in AD

How long have you guys been together and what has been biggest highlight?
We've been together since 2004, probably biggest highlight was playing at the Horden, sold out! or recording our album, thats something we're proud of.

Who would be your biggest influence in both National and International music?
Aus bands like The living End, crowded house, paul kelly and OS bands like Jimmy Eat world, Oasis and The Goo Goo dolls

Your on Boomtown records which seems to be getting bigger and bigger each day, how do you get along with the other bands on the roster, considering most play music nothing like yours?
We get along well with most of the guys in other bands but to be honest we dont see a lot of them anymore, everyones always on tour and even when they're home and we're home we're miles from any of them. It feels good to be on the label but, its a family.

The Central Coast scene has been giving us huge acts recently such as yourselfs, Something With Numbers and In The Grey what do you think the key to success is?
I think you've really just got to be yourself with your songs, and do it cuz you love it not for any other reason. Then if you're lucky enough you might get a brake.

Who is your favourite local band to play with and why?
After The Fall, we just get along with them like we've been friends for years. In Fact their Bassist is now my neighbour so its pretty cool.. he understands when we're really loud with our guitars and i understand that he's really loud when he parties.

Whats your favourite song to play live?I dont really have a favourite. i like seeing people react to our songs so i guess the more popular songs are a bit of fun to play. but different people like different songs so its always interesting.

Recently you announced to fans that three tracks of War On Time will be Re-mixed by Mark Needham who is responsible for the new My Chemical Romance album and some songs off The Killers first album, why did you guys get such a high profile engineer.

Why? well to be honest we know some people that know some people that actually made it really affordable... and he's a great engineer. We love 'Mr Brightside', its one of our favourite songs and to get the guy responisble for that mix onto our songs was a dream come true.

Whats the most annoying thing about the scene today?Artist dont like to be pigeon holed, but consumers need music to fit into a category.
As a band you cant fight the 'scene' you're in and a lot of bands try. It becomes confusing and at the end of the day you dont need to have a 'emo scene' liscence or any other 'scene' badge to walk into JbHi-Fi and buy an AngelasDish CD... anyone can.

What has been your favourite show ever?
Opening for Jimmy Eat world at the Metro in Sydney, that was literally playing along side our hero's.

What can we expect to see from Angelas Dish in the future?
You can expect to see hit album after hit album... or you'll see us working at the local chicken shop for the next five years? who knows really...

Well guys I guess thats it for the Interview, Anything you wish to add?
Just like to plug our new single 'Soft November' which will be in stores Oct 27. please go buy it.. xThankyou.


jo said...

Good band, good interview

laidlaw said...

i love this interview.
i spent all today looking for the names of their songs, casue i got a cd that ive had for like a year off my friend and she didnt give me the names of the songs or anythign, so the last year ive been listening to songs like 'track 10' and 'track 7'
so finally i decided to find the real names of their songs.
and i spent 2 hours looking for the names of the songs of their first EP, the one that wasnt released on boomtown.
and of course, noone had an information.
so i had searched and searched. and found them on, and had to use the list of songs that theyve had played in the past to find out the names of the songs of the EP, and then i had to listen to the actual songs to figure out which title went to which song.
if this hurts your brain as much as it hurt mine then give up!
in the end i figured it all out.
cep ti dont know the name of the EP.
so if youre reading this and i doubt it. then what is the name of the ep with the tracks..
1. Clear
2. Closer Friends
3. Engine Stalled
4. Nightmare
5. Rollercoaster
these tracks arent as great as their Lies Die EP but theyre still great. so if you know what its called then tell me please!
but yeh, cal great interview man.