Thursday, August 30, 2007

Midnight Juggernauts at the Cambridge SOLD OUT

The Midnight Juggernauts have released their new album Dystopia and will be playing their wicked electro-prog beats to a SOLD OUT Cambridge Hotel at Newcastle tonight!!!

The album DYSTOPIA is an experience that comes to your living room right from the dance floor of hell! They have fused echoes of prog rock, electro beats to electrocute and dramatic flourishes to high success and has been described as "the catalyst to a nationwide movement".

This show is being organised by Ruffneck Promotions, which is responsible for Groovin the Moo. In fact thats the last time the Midnight Juggernauts were down this way. If you were lucky enough to squeeze into the dance tent that night and you scored a ticket, congrats!!!


Midnight Juggernauts myspace
Midnight Juggernauts website
Ruffneck Promotions website

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