Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Waterview- Show review for the 11th august.

This show received a fair bit of controversy, with first being moved from The Loft, over to The Black Box theatre.
I have never been to The Black Box before, and they may be the reason it took me an hour and a half to get there.
I had no idea where it was and had to ask some of the locals to get directions.
When I did turn up I was greeted with the usual scene kids once again trying to outdo each other, with the same hairstyles that was there 6 months ago.
You see, I have not been to a show since probably 3 months, since I quit my band, I havent found the time.
When I arrived, it was just in time for Kids Of November, I thought to myself that I had seen this band before.
Ahh, yess, High Voltage 23rd December we played with them, I thought they were good at what they did, not exactly original but you do get that.
Then I heard the first line of vocals and started to think to myslef that this must be a different band, this wasnt Kids Of November, but sure enough it was.
They are just another band who have jumped on the Hardcore band wagon, much to the same as the Valley.
I still listened to there whole set and must say they are good at what they do, but I got some advice for them, guys dont change for what cool, you were an even better band before and you had a lot more potential.
Next up were Red Distress all the way from Sydney, I must say that this band is good, and I urge everyone of you to check them out.
The vocalists can sing and they can all play there instruments.
A big suprise to see such a good band playing such a little show, but oh well.
Waterview were the headliners for tonights show and it comes as no suprise, with constant airplay on Triple J and a spot on the Come Together the four young lads from Newcastle could very well be Newcasltes next big thing.
I am pretty sure they opened the set with a new song, which sounded fantastic, then they went straight into Daybreak.
These came here to do one thing and that play music, something you dont really see these days.
Best local band I have probably seen ever and there Ep is in my cd player constantly.
They also ended with a new song which has a lot of potential.
These guys should expect a lot of label interest, especially if they continue the form they are in.
Apologies to the first to bands, Falling For Beloved and Ellington for not making it, but I plan on another time.
Also plan on catching Waterview in Maitland very soon.
Stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...

Haha awesome. Thanks mate. Show was swell. See ya in Maitland!