Sunday, August 19, 2007

After Bloodshed Interview: Ben Guitar, Soft Vocals.

Coreatorium: Yo! Ben, Whats going on? Give your band name, what you do in the band and what style of music you play?

Ben, After Bloodshed: kk, After Bloodshed, i play guitar and do soft vocals, and we're like Screamo/Metalcore (amity affliction)

Coreatorium: Ok, So obviously your heavily influenced by fellow aussie metalcore, Hardcore, Who would you call your biggest influence in both the international and local scene?

Ben, After Bloodshed: Well international, our top 3 i think would have to be The Amity Affliction, The Devil Wears Prada & Still Remains, and locally would probably be As Silence Breaks or our mates Black Entity (who i also play for)

Coreatorium: Cool, how did you go about in gettin yourself in black entity?

Ben, After Bloodshed: well, im pretty good mates with all the bandmembers, and after the leaving of darby, i was asked to help out, and eventually the welomed me and a permanent guitarist
Coreatorium: Mad, When can we expect to hear some new tunes from After Bloodshed?

Ben, After Bloodshed: hopefully soon, we're still writing some music that fits the new genre, and still piecing it together and getting some stuff down with the new members, but we're doing it all fairly fast, so we should be in the studio to record wioth old habits soon

Coreatorium:I also notice some new members, who are they, and how do they add there own distinct features to the band?

Ben, After Bloodshed: well, we have anew guitarist vocalist, and keyboardist, Guitarist is scott maclean, who is really good at writing riffs and has a good sense of music, Brant - vocals who hasnt been in a band before but has a pretty impressive vocal range for someone who still time for their vocals to develop, and Beau maclean, scotts little bro on keyboard, who brings a more melodic theme to thew music, as well as

Ben, After Bloodshed: a dramatic sense

Coreatorium: Sounds good, Hey man whats in your cd player at the moment?

Ben, After Bloodshed:ummmm, Devil Wears Prada's new album Plagues

Coreatorium: Download? lol

Ben, After Bloodshed:haha

Ben, After Bloodshed:shhh

Coreatorium: So you guys got any up and coming gigs?

Ben, After Bloodshed:actually no , but i suppose thats good because we're probably not quiteready with the new members

Ben, After Bloodshed:but afterwards we're going to get intouch with secret empire

Coreatorium:True True

Coreatorium: Well I guess that all the questions I got at the moment, thanks heaps for the interview, and tell all your friends about the site, and until next time, cya around. Cheers

Ben, After Bloodshed:no worries, and thanks xx

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