Thursday, August 30, 2007

Maitland Youth Music Crew BATTLE OF THE BANDS

Maitland Youth Music Crew has experienced a strong, new direction as of late and have followed up some memorable gigs with a Battle of the Bands competition coming up. The dates and heats are as followed.

Heat One - November 3rd - Maitland PCYC - $5 Entry
Rosevelt, The Zillers, After Bloodshed, My Dying Ember, Checkered Fists, Chaotic Ambiance, Classroom Riot, Fire In A Cup

Heat Two - November 10th - Maitland PCYC - $5 Entry
Black Entity, Shades Of Autumn , A December Truth, Falling for beloved, Room 24, Darkest White, Skinny Jill, Loved You Like I Did

Final - November 17th - Maitland PCYC - $5 Entry
Bands TBA

Get your tickets now from any of the bands.
To find out more about the Maitland Youth Music Crew, visit their myspace.

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