Friday, September 28, 2007

Waterview EP Review!

Waterview have been on the scene for a fair few years now, but this EP is there first official release. Being released last year, Waterview have created a perfect blend between the Screamo, Emo and Aussie Hardcore bands.

The EP kicks off with what is undoubtably there most popular song "Daybreak". Although only clocking in at just 2 minutes and 30 seconds this song has plenty on offer. Starting with old school hardcore chants and gang vocals, Aussie hardcore fans of bands such as Against! and Rex Banner.

The EP boasts 5 songs with each song offering standout quality from one of Newcastles most promising acts. Lo Siento offers the starting screams with a unique blend of more of the softer side, as well as an extremly catchy chorus that is the standout track for me off this amazing debut EP. Bring on there LP as I cant wait to hear it.

Standout Tracks:


Lo Siento

Lock N Load.

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