Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Lock & Load

25/08/2007 [a little late but it's here!]
Lock & Load
Black Box, Newcastle.

Tonight’s show was surprising for me, never have I in my short time on this Earth been in the presence of so many dykes and scene kids, unless you are a fan of gay bars and cross-dressers then a night like this really wouldn’t be for you. But this abundance of women loving women did not deter me from enjoying the night, and don’t make me out to be some homophobe or anything, it was funny seeing lesbian lovers fighting [laughs].

Arriving at Black Box during the set of Falling for Beloved, made me thankful that I missed the rest of the garb that plays before the first decent band starts playing, those bands being ‘Redevine’ and ‘The Red Letter Project’. I take that comment back about them being, seeing these guys both before they pulled pretty good shows, so I regret missing them play.

Venturing my way into to the fairly packed venue, even though more then half of the audience was outside, the stench of ‘crotch’ was thick and the mosh-pit was motionless, the only people who got their ‘groove on’ were the rejects in the back and the groupies the bands have to bring along so it actually looks like people like their music.

Falling for Beloved managed to bring on a really tight and great performance, even though their lead singer Jimmy, or as we came to know him at the end of the night ‘Jimmy Touché Titcum’, was very partied out from the vodka and Pulse he mixed together an hour or so before his set. Afterwards I managed to hang out with Jimmy, and scored a future interview, if I had brought a pad or a tape recorder then you could be enjoying the slur and comical genius that is Falling for Beloved’s Jimmy Touché Titcum, but sadly you will have to wait. At the disappointment of not having something to write down an interview I continued the night with out the troubles of writing this review, and managed to have quite a laid back night hanging with people that I rarely see and people I’ve never seen. Falling for Beloved was definitely the highlight of the night for me, if you haven’t seen them live yet, then I suggest you get on to their Myspace now and find when and where they’re playing next!

Along with the rest of the crowd there, I spent most of my night outside enjoying everything that Newcastle’s music scene has to offer. And to my alarm the purpose of visiting Lock & Load became void. I was informed that the headliners ‘As Silence Breaks’ cancelled yet another Newcastle show, this time the drummer broke his finger or something. Although disappointed that I missed them [again], I still tried to enjoy what was left of the night, and collected some feedback from some of the kids that attended the show. One guy said, “There’s only one word to describe this gig, ‘crap!’ “

But comments aside, it was still a great show.
I enjoyed the sounds of ‘The Bright Star Alliance’ from outside, not entirely impressed with their sound, but still an appreciation for their effort.

Finally I went back inside to see what all the fuss was over these guys ‘The Vaine’ or rather these girls [and one guy]. These girls [and guy] put on one heck of a show, unbelievable guitar skills from the only male in the band, a lot of great stage presence, and not to mention a shirtless drummer and who said girls shouldn’t be bands? Watching them tear up that stage makes me wonder why more girls aren’t out there starting metalcore bands and taking their shirts off [we can only dream]. They pulled off the longest set and the most fuel pumped one as well, with their groupies at the front wearing their ‘The Vaine Crew’ tees and chanting all the words to the songs. These girls (and guy) pulled off an amazing show; they will definitely go far in the music business. The frontman’s [or should I say frontwoman’s] vocal range was incredible; she pulled off those screams better then a lot of male screamers on this scene.

9:20ish and we come to the final act and a close for Lock & Load, with Newcastle boys ‘Kids of November’. They drew in a small following of devoted fans, and pulled off an entertaining close to an entertaining night, although they didn’t seem to be playing their most adrenaline pumped show, not many jumps or big guitar swings from the boys, but they still left a good impression. And finally the show was over and it was time to depart Newcastle and head off back to Maitland.

The night overall was fun and boring all at the same time. But I was glad to see such a big turn out compared to many other Newcastle shows, these hardcore/metalcore shows always seem to bring out the kids, it’s a strange scene and it is certainly growing, newer faces are being drawn to these shows with even weirder hair styles then the kids before them. From emo fringe to emo fringe, they just keep getting longer and more outrageous; sometimes you can’t tell if people are boys or girls because of all that hair in their face. It actually took me all show to figure out that The Vaine’s back-up vocalist was actually a girl. There are all sorts of shoes ranging from Chuck Taylor Converse All-Stars to Sparkly gum boots. The scene is prospering so if you can make it in to town or you’re already there, I suggest you hit up the nearest show and get involved with our local scene, it’s not much compared but it’s something, it’s funny how many new people you meet at them as well.

Hope you enjoyed the review.

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