Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Shuns The Light Interview.

Recently Coreatorium conducted an Interview with Mikka from one of Newcastles best band no one has heard, yet.

Mikka/ShunsTheLight:hello im mikka i play 1/2 the guitars (and don't say shuns the light say stl or the shunners or something)

Coreatorium:Ok Man, What have Shuns The Light been up to during there break? It seems like forever seems we've heard from you guys..Mikka/ShunsTheLight:hahaha it has been forever just been writing crap loads of new material alot of work ...

Coreatorium:How can The Shunners new material be compared to the likes of old intransit?

Mikka/ShunsTheLight:intransit was dog shit... and shuns the light is fresh dogshit, nah seriously slower, heavier, and alot more lyrically progressive

Coreatorium:So we can expect a fresh new sound to the genre?

Mikka/ShunsTheLight: we are demoing at the momentshouldn't be long till we hit the studio

Coreatorium: What is your biggest influence musically?

Mikka/ShunsTheLight: I like a lot of indie and rock stuff, trial kennedy the veld gyroscope, but i i guess i mix it in with with heavy punk and metal

Coreatorium:Whats the best thing about being in a band?

Mikka/ShunsTheLight: The chicks.....hahahahahhah nah i have heaps of fun creating music, but definately smoking tobacco before a nice 45 minute set

Coreatorium:Haha, What local bands do you look up to and why?

Mikka/ShunsTheLight:Most of the local bands ive looked upto have carcked it. lights out berlin and casey harbour taught me a lot about stage presence and crazy effects. ummm the veld they just make getting big look too easy lol...

Coreatorium:So what can we expect from the Shuns in the near future?

Mikka/ShunsTheLight:we have a few shows lined up and some studio time for maybe an ep mid next yr

Coreatorium: Awesome man, anything else you wish to add or plug?

Mikka/ShunsTheLight: I heard edens hung like a horse

Coreatorium:Haha Thanks for taking the time for the interview

Mikka/ShunsTheLight: No probs, cheers.

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