Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sullivan- Cover Your Eyes review!

You may have heard of Sullivan before and there is probably only one reason for this, the drummer in Sullivan is actually Spencer Chamberlainn from Underoaths brother.
Both Chamberlainns were in the same band years before, This Runs Through which you may also have heard of, even though Sullivan sound nothing like them.
Sullivan second LP has recently been released and has been getting very little attention through the underground music scene. This is straight up Rock, forget your typical songs about the girl who got away, this si the opposite.

If you did like Sullivans debut lp then you will absoloubbtly adore there latest effort brought to you by Tooth And Nail. Im just thinking wether or not Sullivan would be as popular as they are if the drummer wasnt related to Spencer, which is a real shame as this band means quality rock songs. The album is for the mainstream, not for fans of underoath or any melodic Screamo/Emo.
Sunny Day Real Estate and Death Cab For Cutie are the only real similarities I can see with this band, they have tried to distinguish there sound as much as possible and let me tell you that it has worked.

Stand out tracks include:

1. Fire Away

2. F- Stop

3. Goodbye, Miss Havisham

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