Sunday, September 16, 2007

Boys Night Out CD Review!

What do you do when you've created an album about a man who loses his sanity after murdering his wife in his sleep? You go on too write an album about alcoholism, disheartenment and self affliction! And that's exactly what Boys Night Out have done on there third full release on New Jersey based Ferret Records.

"Get Your Head Straight" kicks off the album with an infectious chorus th
at immediately establishes Boys Night Out as a catchy well produced rock album thanks to the help of legendary producer Lou Giordano known for such bands as Goo Goo Dolls, Live and The Ataris just to name a few; in which creating a strong opening song that will instantly get you hooked on the album. Ben Arseneau's drumming picks up in the second track with the use of neat fills and rolls to kick of "Swift And Unforgiving" which unfortunately suffers lyrically as a whole. "The Push and Pull" dispatches the familiar punk pop predictable riffs and harmonisation, until the chorus is broken down to modern rock. "Up With Me" the single of the album, tries to push the moody concept displayed in the use Connor's vocal abilities and the first taste of a more heavier hardcore sound leading into "The Heirs Of Error" which is probably the heaviest track of the album which will be instantly recognised as a crowd favorite for the catchy group vocals.

The group vocal trend picks up to fill other tracks "Let Me Be Your Swear Word" and "Hey, Thanks" the latter including synth and hand claps to create a sense of speed. "Fall For The Drinker" is easily my favourite track on the album as it's a glass raising, pub chanting effort that yells "
We’re all here now, tonight to hell with everything else, we’ll drink hard and we’ll drink to ourselves". "Apartment" and "Reason Ain't Our Long Suit" start to slow down the album falling into an abyss of familiarity because of the other tracks outshining these otherwise good tracks and with the slow " It Won't Be Long" finishing off the album with the best showing of Connors vocals yet.

What Boys Night Out have created on the third self-titled album is a collection of infectious pop rock hooks and rock driven guitars riffs that tries to be nothing short of other "pop" rock bands in an already crowded genre. Not to say that this album is all pop and no rock, which it isn't. It's just that it doesn't branch out from the norm like there previous concept "Trainwreck" which a lot of fans will probably be disappointed about but they have still created a brilliant album which every lover of pop/punk/rock (or drinking songs) will enjoy.

1. Fall For The Drinker
2. Get Your Head Straight
3. It Won't Be Long

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