Monday, September 3, 2007

Stealing Oneal Interview!

Here it is guys!

Who am I talking to and what part do you play in Stealing Oneal?

> I’m Jack, and I play the part of the best friend of the lead girl character but I pretend I’m not really desperately in love with her and help her out with relationship advice. I also play guitar and sing back-ups when I’m not busy making mix-tapes to silently confess my love for her.

>What was your main insparation behind the Spin For Me EP?

> Basically, we really wanted to get a product out there on the market. We knew that having it out, would be a step up for our profile and our peace of minds. When it was released we had been a band for over 2 years, and it was such a relief to finally have a group of songs that would fit in sequence, and worthy of being on an EP.

>Whats it like being on Taperjean records label?

> I feel really lucky to be a part of TaperJean! I know it’s a label that’s really going to progress in time and have some real impact on independent music and it’s kind of a privilege to be involved with it in the early days.

>Ive never been to a Stealing Oneal show, what can I expect from you guys when you play live?

> You shouldn’t expect anything! We’ll always do something different to mix things around a little. Maybe you should expect the unexpected! Haha! Or dancing! There’s always plenty of dancing.

>What is the best thing about being in a band?

> The best thing probably for us is to hear when people really respond to a song, or they tell us that they really enjoy our music. It kinda makes us feel like we’re doing something that people are connecting with, and that’s a great feeling!

>What about the worst thing?

> The worst thing? Um, probably when our schedule calls for 10 hour van rides, all cooped up with stinky tour managers and no personal space; then getting out to play a show, and then travelling back all 10 hours to get back in time for another show! It’s like a 24 hour round trip of hell!

>What can we expect to see from Stealing Oneal in the future?

> A hell of a lot more touring, we want to get out as much as possible, make plenty of friends on the road and get a whole lot more exposure! Plus it’s really fun. Then we’ll do another EP, and more touring and then finally an album!

>Favourite song to play live?

> Probably Bedroom Eyes, only because we added this true rock style ending to it, which is mint fun to play! I guess you’ll have to see us to see it!

>Favourite local band to play with?

> We’ve made some great friends on the road, so we kind of have our best friend bands in each state. We love playing with I Am Spartacus down here, 919 and Kiss Montana in Radelaide and we’re just about to do a heap of dates with Another Day Down from QLD which should be wicked fun!

>Well guys there all the questions I have, and last words you wish to add?

>Come say hi to us on and then come dance with us at a show in your town!!

>Thankyou guys very much

>Peace and Love xx

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