Friday, September 7, 2007

Interview with Evading the Enemy!


Core: Who am i talking to and what part do you play in Evading the Enemy?

Chris Keeping "Keepo" I am the lead Vox (Throat/Scream)

Core: As an independent band, what is the hardest part of promoting yourselves?

The hardest part would have to be the time that's required to fit it into my lifestyle. Its a catch 22 really because in one way you need money to pay for the equipment that you need however, you can't afford to waste all your time working if you want to pump out shitloads of new songs and gig every second day. That also leads to other hard part of the band, only having 3 members over 18.

Core: Do you find with the invention of things like Myspace and Purevolume it makes things easier?

Hell yes!

Core: What would you say are things that keep you going as a band? What makes you strive to be different then other bands?

The main thing that keeps us going as a band is the music, we all love what we're playing there's never arguments over what genre we should be playing and each song we make we love to play over and over.

You know when you see lots of Parkway Drive rip offs around it makes you want to bring something new and exciting to this style, admittedly our EP recordings were probably heavily influenced by Parkway and that Aussie style of Hardcore Metal. But to me that was an eye opener to the band but our new stuff is gonna give a new meaning to brutality. Since we got our new drummer, we have picked up in every single way!

Core: What was the hardest part about creating your EP?

MONEY! [laughs] Well actually first of all it was finding someone to record us. Because we didn't want to spend too much on our first EP, so we found a friend of a friend "Pat" with a home studio but hit a hard time getting the mixing completed. So we had to change to another friend of a friend called "Troy" both of them coming through for us and the recordings ended up coming together quite nicely.

Core: What has the response been to it so far?

Fairly good, we hoped for better. But it's just hard right now to outsource it because for the time being until we can find a decent record company that will have us we're trying to do it by ourselves, which is pretty hard. But judging by Myspace though I'm happy with the responses

Core: As you would be [laughs]. What can we expect to see from ETE in the near future?

Well our short term plans are to gig a shitload, get our name out to those who don't know who we are and keep the songs coming because we are already in the process of our fourth new song with our new drummer. And also plans to record them in our own time over the next few months but nothing too serious for the time being.

Core: Would you say the experience of adjusting to new members is hard?

Not really, don't get us wrong we loved our old drummer! He was a champion but he just didn't fit right, then he started to go down the wrong tracks and then ended moving away to the South Coast. That pretty much gave us no option BUT to look for another drummer. Luckily "Mini" [bassist] knew a guy he had met through his girlfriend, It turned out we had a gig coming up and needed someone to fill so we used that as his audition. He just fits with us really well, except the fact he can't drive and lives all the way up the fuckin' mountain [laughs]

Core: Favorite experience so far in ETE?

Would have to be releasing our own EP, I love the fact that it was us that made it [laughs]
And possibly the massive drunk gig we did at the Mandarin Club, barely anyone there, we all got drunk including the crowd and fuckin' ripped that place to shreds.

Core: Worst experience in ETE?

When we started i was actually the singer and Steve and Mini were the screamers. We were making good music except for my singing [laughs]. I had heaps of fun and well I thought I sounded good, till I finally heard myself.

Core: Well that about raps it up, anything you would like to add/plug?

Yeah anyone interested in having a chat to me or the boys just give us a yell on our Myspace ( we've got loads of useless shit to talk about and definitely if we're coming your way don't hesitate to come see us I love to see new faces in the crowd.

Thanks for having me cheers.


MATTY A>T>D said...

good dudes, good tunes, good friends. representing for the west.

calwal22 said...

great band

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